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Stainless Steel
18’h x 8’-5″w x 5’-10”d
Human Performance Center
Dixie State University
St. George, UT
The name WingHelix is a reference to the winged sandals of the ancient Greek god Hermes, the fleet-footed messenger and patron of athletics. The lace pattern is a visual narrative about the study of biomechanics in relation to sport. This artwork was developed in collaboration with faculty and stakeholders, expressing the essence of what is happening inside the newly completed Human Performance Center at DSU. This expression is about the dual aspects of dynamic learning happening in the classroom-labs and lives sports taking place within the building [AA swimming, rock climbing, running tracks, basketball, pickleball, soccer, etc.]. This artwork is a tribute to the science of human movement.  It has been a privilege to represent the energy in this dynamic new learning environment artistically. Thanks to Nick Adams Photography.