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Baja Luna

onyx, bronze, steel & rope
11.5’h x 5.5’w x 1.5’d
Magnussen Lodge
Lake Tahoe, CA

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Baja Luna is a light sculpture conceived as a “lower moon” dwelling inside the lodge. Like the moon, it interacts with the transition from day to night; its internal light becoming brighter and brighter as the twilight settles giving the effect of coming out at night. Weighing nearly a ton, it’s steel reinforced temple ropes anchor it to a beam in the ceiling of this Lake Tahoe, CA home. During the day, the strength of the carving and the intricate detail of the bronze are enhanced by the play of light and shadow on the sculpted surfaces. Internally lit by 950 watts of Xenon light, the translucency of the stone reveals the veins and patterns laced through the carved surfaces