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Steel Lace

a sculptural concept

Metal-Lace is an artwork technique developed at the Studio, and implemented in stainless steel along an evolutionary line from my previous work. It is a versatile vocabulary of form from which original patterns are developed for site specific artwork: both wall and freestanding. The surfaces are meticulously worked by hand, a critical aspect of the artwork that creates a visually layered surface. This layering of texture brings a richness to the steel and a warmth of reflected light. The underlying geometry that gives a pattern dimension consists of a series of large cylindrical or conical shapes. The majority of these forms are cut away leaving the lace pattern undulating in space. The merged plains create curved sections that “billow” outward; reminiscent of a full sail, a flag rippling in the wind or ripples on calm water. The permanence of the material means the only maintenance is occasional cleaning