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Formosa Fountains


Formosa Fountains is a partner of Stoller Studio and engineers all our fountains.  The images here are the work of Larry McDonald, the founder of Formosa, who brings 30 years experience in creating stunning fountains around the world. With Larry the Studio provides engineering that depicts the hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical system designs a fountain needs using the best fountain equipment available. We supply pool plans, piping diagrams, elevations, sections, details, equipment space layouts, piping penetrations, lighting layouts, panel board layouts, wiring diagrams, etc.

Features and techniques used in our fountains include:

  • Geyser effects
  • Jumping jets
  • Dry deck (pop jet)
  • Waterfall effects
  • Fog systems
  • Lighting effects
  • Musical choreography
  • Motion sensory effects
  • Fire enhancements

These features are used to obtain the exact texture of water and aesthetic appeal to compliment the surrounding area.

Much of what makes the beauty of a fountain is never seen. Many design features that make the fountain blend into an area flawlessly are the result of sound engineering that includes:

  • Water filtration
  • Advanced plumbing systems
  • Advanced electrical systems
  • Landscape architecture integration
  • Animation engineering
  • Safety and health provisions