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cast bronze, granite, fog jets
variable: maquette
2008, collection of the artist

Emergence’s inspiration is “Indra ‘s Net. ” Indra, the Hindu god of space, lives in a celestial palace that is a net stretching infinitely in all directions.  At every intersection of the net is a perfectly polished jewel that reflects every other jewel in the net.  This powerful metaphor is sustained through the coiling bronze plane embracing space; its web-like form conveys integration, networking, and the dynamic relationship of diverse ideas.  The form ‘s muscular, stretching tension is relieved with its ingenious water mist mechanism, which will add literal atmosphere and, when it freezes in winter, a whole new ice sculpture.  In the summer months the fog system will be sequenced through different pressure settings to create a dynamic display.  In winter the fog system also serves to deposit water on the sculpture in clear layers, gradually building a clear ice shell over the whole sculpture.